Salad Jacket

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Several ingredients tossed together for a unique Salad Jacket. Based on upcycled woollen blazers, front, back and sleeves represent different flavours. Personal, just like your favourite salad. Mingled with recycled fabrics, sourced in Belgium.

Upcycling made from second hand clothes sourced with the precious support of Les Petits Riens and De Kringwinkel in Belgium.

40% Viscose, 25% Wool, 25% Polyester, 10% Silk

Lining 100% viscose

Production : CiLAB (Mechelen, Belgium)

Buttons : Astotex (Mechelen, Belgium)

Ribbons : EE labels (Amsterdam, Netherland) 

Care labels : EE Labels (Amsterdam, Netherland) 

Thread origin : Assaban  (Anderlecht, Belgium)